• TVB at Mobile World Congress Barcelona, 2020

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    We are excited to announce that the The Virtual Brain and Virtual Brain Cloud will have a booth at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2020. We will be showing our work alongside the Human Brain Project and industry partners Eodyne and Indoc.

    Further details will be announced here, so watch this space!

  • BrainModes 2019 in Pokhara, Nepal

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    BrainModes 2019 will be taking place in Pokhara, Nepal from the 11th to the 13th of December and we'll be there! BrainModes is an annual meeting that brings together international experts from various disciplines and seeks to explore innovative means of understanding complex brain activity and multimodal neuroscience data sets. This year's meeting will focus on exploring "Unified

  • Building Networks in Epilepsy - 1st Workshop

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    Prof. Dr. Ritter will join researchers from both the Charité and King's College London in presenting her research at the 1st of two workshops focussed on interdisciplinary research in the field of epilepsy. The workshops are funded by the King's College London – Charité Joint Research Fund and aim to bring together researchers from two major institutions who have expressed interest in exploring j

  • Digital Medicine - Opportunity or Risk for Women?

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    Please join us for Prof. Dr. Ritter’s talk Digital Medicine – Opportunity or Risk for Women? at the International Conference for Mentoring in Medicine on November 29 at the Berlin Museum of Medical History. The talk will be held in the historic Lecture Hall Ruin.

    Below you can find conference's morning program, which

  • Interview with Dr. Petra Ritter on RBB, listen in the next 7 days ~

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    • Lab Meeting

    Published on the 13th of November this year, Dr. Petra Ritter gives a short and very informative interview about the Brain Simulation Unit at Charité, including topics of brain health, healthy ageing, and learning.

    You can read some choice quotes, or listen to the 6 minute interview <a href="https://www.inforadio.de/dossier/2019/zukunft-bildung/385800.html" target="_blank" "Find out more and l

  • The Virtual Brain on Exhibition at the Bundestag

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    • Berlin Bundestag Interior

    The Human Brain Project shows their work at the German Parliament Bundestag. The Virtual Brain is a central part of the exhibition.

    Meet Dr. Petra Ritter during the opening event on Nov 27th . Dr. Ritter will also lead a guided tour through the exhibition on Nov 28.

    Access to the exhibition is only possible after prior registration <a href="https://www.bundestag.de/besuche/ausstellungen/par

  • Dr. Petra Ritter Presents The Virtual Brain at EBRAINS Madrid next week

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    • Open Science

    There will be an EBRAINS workshop next week in Madrid, where we will also be showcasing The Virtual Brain.

    Date: November 12, 2019, from 9:00 to 18:00.

    Location: Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) Cal