• NFDI4Health Initiative

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    Prof. Petra Ritter and the Brain Simulation Section are participants in the NFDI4Health Initiative.

    The Brain Simulation Section will contribute to NFDI4Health Initiative's activities by building health data infrastructures.

    NFDI4Health has been selected for funding in the DFG National Research Infrastructure (NFDI) Initiative.

  • NFDI-Neuro initiative: Prof. Ritter appointed co-spokesperson

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    We are happy to announce that Prof. Ritter acts as co-spokesperson of the NFDI-Neuro initiative for the Charité.

    The aim of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) is to systematically manage scientific and research data, provide long-term data storage, backup and accessibility, and network the data both nationally and internationally. The NFDI will

  • Read about The Virtual Brain in German newspaper "Die Welt"

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    Read more about brain simulation and The Virtual Brain in German newspaper "Die Welt". The article covers a variety of use cases for brain simulation, including in research and treatment development for Alzheimers, epilepsy and heart attacks.

    Check it out here.

  • BIH Podcast: "Wie kann der Computer dabei helfen, das Gehirn besser zu verstehen?"

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    The Berlin Institute of Health has released a podcast interview with Dr. Petra Ritter. You can listen to the recording or read the transcript here.

    Find out:

    • how computers help us to understand the brain
    • what kinds of methods and strategies scientists use to simulate brains
    • what br
  • Petra Ritter elected to Translation Hub Digital Medicine Steering Committee

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    Petra Ritter has been elected to the Translation Hub Digital Medicine Steering Committee of the BIH/Charité. The newly elected Steering Committee receives a mandate for two years. You can find out more about the Translation Hub Digital Medicine here.

    Petra Ritter:

    I thank all voters for their support and trust

  • The Computational Neuroscience *2020 Workshop 4 talks are now online

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    *Watch a replay of CNS2020 Workshop 4 online, here, on the crowdcast.io website.**

    For those of you who were not able to make the workshop in real time, please enjoy the replay of the workshop, which focuses on tools and resources for developing and sharing models in computational neuroscience.

  • The Virtual Brain on EBRAINS explainer video series

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    • The Virtual Brain
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    **We have released a series of videos that explain The Virtual Brain integrated workflows on EBRAINS. The Virtual Brain (TVB) on EBRAINS is a large ecosystem of tools for constructing, simulating and analyzing brain network models. The Virtual Brain tool set can be used for end-to-end personalized brain simula