• Presentation by Dr. Petra Ritter at the first NIH workshop: attend IRL or online

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    • Petra Ritter

    The Center for Multimodal Neuroimaging is hosting their first Multimodal Neuroimaging Workshop this week, and tomorrow Dr. Petra Ritter will be presenting as part of the lecture series including 14 other speakers.

    For more information about the series and the other speakers, please see the NIH page for the event here.

    To register for the event, please go to this Eventbrite page.

    The presentations will also be streamed online here, for those of you who are not in the USA and can not make it in person.

    This lecture series should be very interesting, as each of the speakers come from a diverse background and will be coving many topics revolving around multimodal imaging, including data collection, analysis, clinical and research purposes, and the future of neuroscience.

    👋Hope to see you there, in person, or on the internet. 🖥️✨