• BiH/Charité Virtual Research Environment

    We are excited to announce the development of the BIH/Charité Virtual Research Environment. The Virtual Research Environment (VRE) integrates with the Charité Health Data Platform (HDP) systems, which are responsible for ingesting patient data from the Charité hospital and making it available for use in research.

    The goal of the VRE is to make it easier for researchers to find and securely access data and use it in innovative ways. It will extend the Health Data Platform by providing:

    • workflows for radiologic imaging data
    • a model for cataloguing data and making it easier to find
    • workbenches for modelling, simulating and analyzing data and
    • a portal that is open also for external users who do not belong to Charité

    The VRE will be interoperable with international open health data initiatives, such as the Virtual Brain Cloud or the Human Brain Project EBRAINS platform or the European Open Science cloud.

    The development of the Virtual Research Environment will follow the FAIR guiding principles for scientific data management - Findability Accessibility Interoperability Reusability. We want to ensure that this development is open and accessible to all clinicians and scientists at Charité and BIH so we can solve today's pressing medical challenges together!

    Both the Health Data Platform and the Virtual Research Environment are projects of the BIH Translation Hub Digital Medicine. To find out more details please visit the Virtual Research Environment project page here.

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