• ICN DataWeek Charité

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    ICN DataWeek Charité runs from October 12 - 14 with sessions from 10:00 until 16:45 every day.

    The aim of the conference is to support a strong data strategy in order to increase reproducibility of neuroscience results, increase creativity in research, and hopefully ease the ever increasing time and resource demand needed for data intensive research.

    Our lab lead Petra Ritter will

  • The Virtual Brain on EBRAINS explainer video series

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    **We have released a series of videos that explain The Virtual Brain integrated workflows on EBRAINS. The Virtual Brain (TVB) on EBRAINS is a large ecosystem of tools for constructing, simulating and analyzing brain network models. The Virtual Brain tool set can be used for end-to-end personalized brain simula

  • New paper on identifying optimal working points of individual Virtual Brains

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    • Video 2 from Identifying optimal working points of individual Virtual Brains

    Our new preprint Optimal working points of individual Virtual Brains is out! You can read it here.

    With our international colleagues, we used The Virtual Brain simulation platform, to explore 50 individual adult human brains (ages 18-80

  • The Virtual Brain used in new study on modeling surgery outcomes for tumor resection patients

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    *We are pleased to announce that the study Modeling brain dynamics after tumor resection using The Virtual Brain will be published by NeuroImage journal. This promising study involved the first virtual neurosurgery* analyses to evaluate the p

  • Beta Release of the BrainModes Visualiser App for iOS

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    Try our BrainModes Visualiser app on iOS

    About The Visualiser

    The Visualiser is a brain model viewer, where you can see many of the visualisation modalities from The Virtual Brain, but in real time on a mobile device. If you have a Muse series 1 EEG headset, you can also project your own EEG data on the models and see some analytics.

    How To Use The Visualiser

    *To run prerecord

  • CANCELLED: Join us in Calgary and Lethbridge (Canada) for 2 lectures and a workshop on The Virtual Brain!

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    The following events have been cancelled.

    In March 2020 Dr. Petra Ritter, Dr Paul Triebkorn and Jan Stansinski MSc will present two lectures and a workshop on The Virtual Brain in Lethbridge & Calgary, Canada

    2020 Harley Hotchkiss Memorial Lecture

    Dr. Petra Ritter will hold a lecture on **The Virtual Brain simulation platform: Inferring principles of network interactions und

  • The Virtual Brain Node#10 Workshop

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    The TVB Berlin team is organizing The Virtual Brain Node#10 Workshop: Personalized Multi-Scale Brain Simulation on March 9-12, 2020, in Berlin.

    This new node is an official (elective) course of the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin. 2 ECTS are awarded upon successful completion of the course.

    This workshop provides basic knowledge o