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    Promoting equal opportunities for men and women is of special importance to the German Research Foundation (DFG) and rooted in its statutes. The main goal of all equal opportunity work is to promote excellence in the science system.

    Collaborative Research Centres funded by the DFG, are expected to present a strategy to promote gender equality. The Equal Opportunity (EO) committee, chaired by Prof. Petra Ritter at the CRC TRR 295 ReTune, was established to coordinate the various specific tasks and serves as a central contact point.

    More information on the CRC ReTune's EO can be found here: https://sfb-retune.de/equal-opportunity

    About ReTune

    The Collaborative Research Centre TRR 295 ReTune (standing for: Retuning dynamic motor network disorders using neuromodulation) is a DFG project, funded in 2020 within the CRC/Transregios program. The project aims to improve the understanding of various symptoms of human movement disorders by elucidating symptom-specific neural activity and developing specific treatment strategies for network modulation in common and clinically-relevant neurological diseases.

    Within ReTune, we are coordinating the subproject "Toward virtual deep brain stimulation".

    Visit the official website of the project.