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    • The Atlas at Fiction Forum 2019

      Here we exhibited the Atlas at the Fiction Forum, an art/science/tech pop-up at Charité Mitte in Berlin. Try the interactive Brain Atlas now in your web browser: Brain Atlas WEBGL

    Want to “pick” our brains?

    Stop by the Fiction Forum to scroll through, zoom in and highlight brain areas and learn about their function on a large touch screen.

    We compiled this educational atlas viewer here at the Brain Simulation Unit of Charite as part of our public outreach initiatives in partnership with the Human Brain Project.

    Tap on a brain region to find out what it does. Tap on a function and the viewer highlights brain areas related to that function. For example, would you like to know which brain regions contribute to emotions? Tap ‘Emotions’ on the menu of the left, and those regions will be highlighted with a short explanation in English, German, Arabic or Hebrew.

    Expect more updates on this project as we add more languages and refine the interface! For an updated listing of our scientific tools please see our GitHub microsite here.