• The Virtual Brain can now be run on the Human Brain Project Collab platform

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    TVB is now part of the HBP toolset!

    If you have a HBP account, you can now simulate The Virtual Brain here right from HBP Collab Jupyter notebooks!

    To get a quick start on simulating with TVB on the HBP platforms simply create a new Collab, visit the TVB Simulator Collab and open a Jupyter notebook that you find interesting (left Navigation toolbar -> Examples).

    After the Jupyter notebook in the center frame of the webpage has loaded, click on “File” and “Copy to…” and select your newly created Collab as target. Change to your Collab and start simulating by running cells in the notebook.

    Note that if there are data sets used in the code they need to be manually downloaded from the TVB Collab and uploaded to your new Collab (see left Navigation bar -> Storage).

    We are happy to further our collaboration with the Human Brain Project with this release providing participating researchers with a research infrastructure that promotes efficiency and reproducibility.

    We will keep you updated as we release more tools.

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