• Dr. Petra Ritter & Paul Triebkorn present The Virtual Brain at Urania


    Urania Berlin is one of the leading centers of dialog between science, the humanities and the public. We are excited to join the many leading scientists who deliver lectures and talks in their areas of research at Urania.

    Petra Ritter and Paul Triebkorn will present The Virtual Brain at Urania Berlin on January 21st, 2020.

    The talk will be a part of a series called Berlin Brains 2020, during which neuroscientists working in Berlin will present their current work to the public.

    Join us at Urania to hear about how human brains are simulated using The Virtual Brain simulation platform. We will cover how this platform allows researchers to work together, what role the EU Human Brain Project plays and how digital brain simulations help patients.

    Find out more details about the event here.