• BrainModes 2019 in Pokhara, Nepal

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    BrainModes 2019 will be taking place in Pokhara, Nepal from the 11th to the 13th of December and we'll be there!

    BrainModes is an annual meeting that brings together international experts from various disciplines and seeks to explore innovative means of understanding complex brain activity and multimodal neuroscience data sets.

    This year's meeting will focus on exploring "Unified Principles of Brain Connectivity and Dynamics".


    December 11, 2019: Pre-Conference Course

    • Structural and Functional Neuroimaging Overview (Instructor: Michael Breakspear)
    • Virtual Brain Theory (Instructor: Viktor Jirsa)
    • Virtual Brain Applications (Instructor: Petra Ritter and Randy McIntosh)
    • Neural Field Theory and Applications (Instructor: Peter Robinson)
    • Granger Causality Theory and Applications (Instructor: Mukesh Dhamala)
    • Information-Theoretic Measures and Applications (Instructor: Daniele Marinazzo)
    • Dynamical Causal Modeling Theory and Applications (Instructor: Karl Friston)

    December 12-13, 2019: Main Conference (Oral and Poster Sessions)

    A detailed list of the speakers and more information about the event can be found here.